Gea Miniartextil 2014

Gea Miniartextil 2014

Villa Olmo – Como
April 5 – June 2, 2014

In the beautiful frame of Villa Olmo, in Como from 5th April to 2nd June is held the 24th Edition of Miniartextil is an annual international exhibition of contemporary art showing the best in Textile Art, an art sector with a revolutionary approach to the textile heritage and its materials.

This year the chosen theme is GEA. Just a few months away from EXPO 2015 Milan, Arte&Arte has dedicated its 24th event to the Earth. It sets out a positive vision that celebrates its products, its richness and the diversity of life where true evolution is only possible where based on the profound connection there is between all living things and the planet that is their home.

The UN has declared 2014 the year of family farming. We see this us as one of the many points of departure for a return to roots, in every sense, to grasp the essence of life, of creativity and of art. This is indeed fertile terrain to be tended as a gift for our own future and for that of the generations to come. GEA hosts the works of 54 artists from 23 countries.